Data Axle Offers Data Via Snowflake Marketplace

Data Axle is now providing its business and consumer data on Snowflake Marketplace, the company announced on Tuesday.  

Having recognized Data Axle as a Snowflake Premier tier partner, Snowflake says its clients will benefit from access to the Data Axle databases. 

“This unique combination of people and places make them valuable to joint customers," said Kieran Kennedy, Head of Snowflake Marketplace. "We believe in the immense power that data contributes to our customers' success and look forward to seeing the results." 

Snowflake Marketplace is powered by the company’s cross-cloud technology, Snowgrid. This allows users direct access to raw data products and the ability to leverage that data. 

StorageMart, a self-storage company with 280 locations across the U.S., Canada and the UK, is using data and data processing solutions from Data Axle and Snowflake.

Alan Streb, Business Intelligence Manager at StorageMart, says that using the Snowflake Data Cloud combined with Data Axle's data and hygiene services allows the company to store all its data in one centralized location and enables the company to eliminate "any ‘junk' or ‘dirty' data."

Streb adds that StorageMart is “able to leverage unique attributes and use them to make better business predictions and improve marketing efforts through customer profiling and clustering," due to the arrangement.



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