Folloze And Outreach Create An Interface To Support B2B Communications

Folloze, a B2B buyer experience platform, has formed an integration with Outreach to support communications.

The interface, dubbed Folloze plus Outreach, allows sales and marketing staffers  to auto-personalize content experiences via the Folloze and Outreach platforms.

Outreach users can discern prospects’ behavior with Folloze’s first-party intent signals. In addition, a dashboard provides first-party behavioral analytics.

“Folloze and Outreach provide teams with the ability to uplevel sales and marketing activities in their own respective ways,” says David Brutman, co-founder and chief product officer at Folloze. 

The integration “addresses a critical gap as budgets are shrinking and organizations strive to garner better results with current or reduced investments,” Brutman adds.

According to Folloze, users can:

  • Add a Folloze board to an Outreach email with a few clicks
  • Add a direct link to Folloze content in an Outreach email
  • View account and contact engagement activity within Outreach:
  • Access a personalized Folloze board experience 
  • Leverage identity matching capabilities to provide behavioral data


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