'Time' Offers AI-Driven News Quizzes Based On Archival Content

Time, which recently removed its paywall, is now offering a new digital service: AI-generated news quizzes to test the reader’s knowledge of the publication's 100 years of archival content.  

The new interactive feature includes 10 quizzes generated by an  algorithm designed by Time using OpenAI. 

One quiz tests the reader’s knowledge of Muhammad Ali, asking, “How did Cassius Clay get into boxing?”

Among the possible answers: 

A. He was inspired by his father, who was a boxer.

B. He was recruited by a boxing coach at school.

C. He stumbled upon a gym after his bike was stolen. 

Of course, every Muhammad Ali fan knows that the correct answer is C. 

But not every question has been so simple. 

“When we asked ChatGPT to simply ‘make a quiz based on this article,’ and provided a link to Time’s 2014 cover story on Taylor Swift, it promptly spat out a 10-question quiz with four choices for each answer,” Time writes. 



The results were mixed. 

"Some of the questions were right on,” Time continues.” (Q: Taylor Swift’s fans are famously referred to as what? A: Swifties.)” 

However, “many referred to albums and events that occurred well after the story’s publication, and one was just wrong,” Time adds. “(‘Which event led her to publicly endorse a political candidate for the first time?’ ChatGPT claimed it was the 2020 election, but backtracked and apologized when we reminded it that she endorsed two Tennessee Democrats in 2018.)”



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