Ibotta Promotes Female College Athletes, Healthy Habits

A new sports-marketing partnership has launched to champion female college athletes.

The alliance, among Ibotta, a digital-rewards platform, Pearpop, a creator-marketing platform, and The Brandr Group, a brand management-marketing agency, is centered on empowering female athletes to become brand ambassadors for themselves.

The partnership relays less on ads; it's focus is athletes' personal social channels. College athletes can influence a broader audience through their followings, reaching passionate fans of all ages.

Ibotta will align with various female collegiate athletes, including UConn’s women’s basketball star Paige Bueckers, to increase name recognition for both the athletes and its brand.

Richard Donahue, Chief Marketing Officer at Ibotta, told Agency Daily: "As we continue to do more in sports marketing, we’re energized by the opportunity to highlight female athletes making a difference in season and off-season. Through this new marketing partnership, Ibotta is collaborating with strong, influential female athletes to educate and empower their fans with actionable advice for living a healthier life. It is exciting to be at the forefront of the NIL (name, image, likeness) movement."



Ibotta, Pearpop and TBG created just-released social-media content, including a “Fridge Raiders” series, in which players critique their home fridges and provide their parents with a grocery list of healthy foods.

The impetus for Ibotta’s association is to illustrate how users can save on purchases and pursue a healthy diet.
Bueckers said being a part of the effort feels "absolutely incredible. As athletes, we pay special attention to what we are eating in order to ensure we are able to accomplish the goals we are chasing."

Alex Morrison, Pearpop CMO, called the partnership "a slam dunk for all involved."

Ibotta previously sponsored the New Orleans Pelicans NBA team and Logan Sargeant, F1’s first U.S. driver in the past eight years.

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