JIC Unveils Scoring System For Certifying Measurement Companies, Timeline

The U.S. Joint Industry Committee (JIC) seeking to certify “alternate currencies” for media transactions has released the scoring system it will use to evaluate measurement companies. 

The "scoring rubric" was announced by initiative leader OpenAP during a Cannes Lions event. 

The JIC, which said that buyers and sellers are having equal input in defining the evaluation criteria, identified nine capability areas with weighted values adding to 100%. These include cross platform (12.1%), big data (11.6%), tech & infrastructure (11.0%), interoperability (11.9%), privacy (12.3%), transparency (12.7%), governance (8.5%), cross media transparency (10.4%) and planning and optimization (9.5%). 

Each area will be scored with from 1 to 4 points, with 1 indicating that a given company is non-transactable and just beginning to meet requirements in a given area; 2 indicating it is non-transactable but approaching currency grade; 3 indicating it is transactable, but not “best-in-class”; and 4 indicating that it meets all requirements, making it best-in-class. 

Companies that have applied for JIC certification include Comscore, InnovidXP, iSpot, SambaTV, VideoAmp and 605. 

Nielsen in April announced that it would not apply for JIC certification until the group resolved what it asserts are operational, scientific and legal issues. 

The JIC has also released a timeline for launching its Streaming Data Service, billed as “unlocking the power of big data for advertising measurement and analytics.” 

The group intends to complete the certification process, and make all publisher base-level viewership and ad impression data for its streaming service available in the Federated Data Clean Room, by the start of the 2024 broadcast year. 

Between then and the end of calendar year 2024, participating measurement companies will work on and propose templates intended for production use.

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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, June 22, 2023 at 11:02 a.m.

    I wonder what combined score a contender has to attain in order to get a "certification" from this "JIC"? Must you get top score ---4 --- in all of the categories or will all of the possible evalutions---1 through 4--- be weighted together like GRPs---based on the percentages cited, above--- to qualify a vendor as "certified"? If you get a certain number of GRPs you're in. Perhaps, a vendor must score a certain number of "firsts"---4s---to qualify----like at least four. Or, is it possible to win "certification" if  you never attain a  4 but you get lots of 3s and some 2s? Also, what happens if one vendor outscores another---but both do well enough to be "certified".Will there be a ranking---or some sort of scale---like " super certified" followed by "moderately certified" and lastly, by plain old "certified"? Stay tuned. We are entering uncharted waters---I think.

  2. Tony Jarvis from Olympic Media Consultancy, June 22, 2023 at 2:02 p.m.

    Karlene:  Please read my response to Wayne's report on this unequivocally non-JIC  consortium's continuing farrago on TV/video measurement as revealed by this latest announcement and Ed's terrific assessment. Mony Python would be proud! 
    My question to Media Post editorial is: Why would America's leading ad & media trade publication continue to use a term that flagrantly abuses an established, globally recognized industry descriptor, "JIC", and its core values that it neither reflects nor represents in the current ccircumstances without at least a strong caveat on any mentions thereof by the "perpetrators" that it is obliged to report despite such known abuse?  
    Having been intimately involved with real JICs worldwide for many media over many years,  which typically heavily involve the major international media agencies, it is puzzling why these agencies are going along with this deception here in the US.  

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