Infiniti Unveils New Logo, Retail Design

Infiniti is introducing a new logo, the fourth iteration in its 33-year history, which places “a greater focus on the infinite road.” 

The luxury division of Nissan Motor Co. is also evolving the appearance of its retail locations. A clean, minimalist exterior with an open, light-filled interior aims to “present a physical space that allow customers the opportunity to connect and interact.”

The new look and feel pay homage to the brand’s heritage, according to the automaker. Since its inception in 1989, the logo has drawn inspiration from the infinite road to the horizon, reflecting the forward-facing direction of a brand born to challenge convention, as well as drivers.

A new three-dimensional emblem will adorn future production vehicles. The evolved logo is complemented by revised Infiniti wordmark spacing that visually accentuates the horizo



The aim is to subtly evolve the logo in support of the new chapter that lies ahead, said Alfonso Albaisa, senior vice president of global design. 

“Adding greater emphasis to the point where the infinite road intersects with the horizon, we are showcasing our steadfast commitment to always look forward to the future and to new horizons,” Albaisa says in a release.

In addition to the refreshed visual identity, the brand is launching a multisensory experience, including scent and sound, to create another dimension of connection with customers. 

The brand’s new signature scent, which customers will experience at retail locations, aims to be both invigorating and calming, reflecting opposites working in harmony. The scent evokes a forest, with hints of hinoki wood (Japanese cypress), sugi (Japanese cedar) and yuzu (Japanese citrus), according to the automaker. 

The brand master track “Moment of Tranquility” serves as the foundation for a new sound (or sonic) logo, as well as for use at future consumer activations, in commercials and other promotional materials, within company videos, and as optional hold music at retailers.

The sound logo marries powerful musical elements with more serene sounds to deliver a harmonious balance, according to the automaker.  A taiko drum contrasts with a Japanese wind chime and is anchored around a voice humming.

Visitors to Infiniti’s digital channels can see the brand’s evolved visual identity now, and guests at select retail locations within the U.S., Mexico and Middle East can experience the new retail design from this month onward. 

Customers in Los Angeles, Doha, Qatar; Monterrey, Mexico and Georgetown, Texas will be among the first to experience the new showroom layout and aesthetic. Additional sites within the Americas and Middle East are scheduled to be refreshed later this year, with locations across the globe to be updated over time.

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