How Joe Mandese Taught Mark Zuckerberg Martial Arts

As someone who got his first martial arts lessons from Joe Mandese, I'm willing to bet Mark Zuckerberg would end up beating Elon Musk, despite the size disadvantage.

No, it wasn't me who taught Zuck jiu jitsu -- it was my late dad Joe Mandese, who lived next to the Zuckerbergs in Dobbs Ferry, NY, and gave lessons to Mark and his sisters when they were growing up. (I confirmed this with his sister Randi Zuckerberg while interviewing her at CES some years ago.)

And I know that Zuck has recently discovered and trained in Brazilian jiu jitsu, but my dad's system -- kurai ryu -- was pretty badass too, and it's still being taught by his disciple Nadeem Ansari, in case you're also interested in taking on Elon Musk.



And while Musk probably has a good 40- or 50-pound advantage over Zuckerberg, someone trained properly in jiu jitsu can use that to their advantage.

It would be hilarious if the fight ever happened.

What are the odds of that? Who knows, but according to at least one betting site (, Zuckerberg is the -500 favorite, while Musk is the +300 underdog.

Aside from being a potential battle of media titans, SportsBetting has another media hook -- the current odds of the match's broadcast and/or streaming media partner -- with a joint Facebook/Twitter feed being the odds on favorite.

Musk vs. Zuck Official Broadcast Partner                      

Twitter/Facebook JV     -300

ESPN                            +400

NBC                              +1000

FOX                              +1400

ABC                              +2000

Disney+                        +2000

Netflix                          +2500

Google/YouTube           +3300

ZEE                               +3300

CCTV (China)                 +5000

The site also posted odds on potential sponsors of the match:

Musk vs. Zuck Title Sponsor                 

Saudi Aramco               +450

Qatar                            +500

Twitter/Facebook JV     +600

VISA                             +800

Alphabet/Google          +1000

Apple                           +1000

Coca-Cola                     +1000

Samsung                       +1000

GSK                              +1600

McDonald's                   +1600

Microsoft                      +1600

Toyota                          +1600

AstraZeneca                  +2000

Red Bull                        +3300

TikTok                          +6600

EA Sports                      +10000

By the way, I'm not alone in my opinion that Zuck would handily defeat Musk. According to an "semi-scientific Twitter poll" conducted by, Zuckerberg would easily win, but more tweeps are rooting for Musk.

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