Picky, Picky: Rockstar Energy Rocks Consumer Quiz As Research Tool

Too many choices can confuse consumers -- but by helping its customers navigate more than 20 different iterations on its D2C site with its  “Find Your Flavor” quiz, Rockstar Energy gained valuable marketing insights.

Find Your Flavor was launched because “our ecommerce D2C team realized consumers were confused about the differences in our products, sub-lines [there are seven of those, including “punched,” “recovery,” “boom” and “throwback”] and flavor profiles, ultimately causing indecision in their choice from the Rockstar Energy portfolio,” Alexis Ginsberg, ecommerce marketing lead, D2C, PepsiCo, tells Marketing Daily.

“Through sharing this learning with the Rockstar Energy team, we identified  our D2C site as a key educational and informational tool to drive awareness and understanding with consumers about our product offerings,” Ginsberg continues. “When workshopping solutions, we ensured we led  with personalization, building a branded journey that enables users to best match with the Rockstar Energy that fits their lifestyle, needs and preferences.”



Jebbit had already been involved with PepsiCo on over 20 campaigns, so Ginsberg’s team turned to that zero-data firm for Find Your Flavor.

Ginsberg is pleased with the results so far.

“We’ve seen strong engagement and completion rates of the quiz itself and have ingested over 170K+ data points into Salesforce Marketing Cloud to help enrich our consumer profiles,” she says. “We’re also encouraged to see that a percentage of the users who have submitted the quiz that have converted to on-site purchase.”

The latter point, she says, “indicates that users who are entering the Jebbit experience and/or completing it are highly qualified.”

Ginsberg adds that the data acquired from the quiz has helped “our CRM and email subscriber base grow considerably, enabling us to engage this audience with targeted email communications to drive discovery and conversion.”

Rockstar Energy drives consumers to the quiz via a homepage banner, footer and in-site navigation, Ginsberg explains. ”We have also leveraged performance marketing platforms such as Meta and Instagram to drive qualified traffic to the Jebbit quiz on-site.”

The brand is now also “ launching AB testing to determine what drives stronger completion rates, between landing users on the Rockstar site versus submitting the quiz in-platform.”

The four questions of Find Your Flavor   are: “When do you need energy most?,” :Do you like it sweet?”; “Which flavor is your favorite” (the answers aren’t specific, but cover categories like “fruity,” “tropical” or “citrusy”); and “What’s most important when it comes to your energy drink?” (“it tastes grea!” and “not too much sugar” being among the possible answers.”

Having completed the quiz, consumers are asked to provide a email address to get my perfect match, but you can skip that and get the answer anyway.

Regardless, 25% are opting into the email list, reveals Ginsberg. And 4% of those people are making a purchase.

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