SodaStream: Making Your Own Pepsi Is Creative, Earth-Friendly Act

“If you can dream it, you can stream it,” declares a new campaign from SodaStream, PepsiCo’s marketer of in-home sparkling water makers.

Created by Energy BBDO, the campaign has launched with two spots showing lively scenes from the point of view of the SodaStream and its bubbles, putting together the push for creativity with sustainability.

In one, partygoers add other PepsiCo brands -- Starry, Bubbly and Pepsi itself -- to the stream-maker as a narrator says, “Imagine a world of endless possibilities, a tastier, more flavorful world, where you can imagine what a can can’t."

In the other spot, the SodaStream looks out on a party scene while the narrator intones, “We are the music makers, the dreamers of dreams.”

Both spots end with the lines, “If you can dream it, you can stream it. SodaStream. Push for Better.”

The latter is a nod to SodaStream’s new global “Push for Better” positioning, announced last September. “Inspired by the power of a simple push of a button and the stream of change that it sets in motion – for both consumers and the planet,” the branding also includes a new symbol consisting of two inter-locking water droplets arranged in a yin and yang formation to form the letter "S.”

"Through our new 'Dream It, Stream It' campaign, we aim to inspire individuals to unleash their creativity and break free from the norm," said Christina Eisenberg, global marketing vice president, SodaStream U.S., in a statement. She said the campaign “embraces our key pillars of personalization, wellness, and sustainability; delivering a message that seamlessly resonates with individuals who aspire to lead a customizable, health-conscious, and eco-friendly lifestyle.”

Those consumers are also “looking for ways to simplify and streamline their life,” Eisenberg stated last week in regard to another SodaStream initiative, one that truly lives up to the “Push for Better” mission: the launch of a D2C subscription service for its CO2 cylinders.

“Once consumers exchange their CO2, the cylinder is cleaned, filled, and sealed, then comes back into the supply to be used again,” the brand noted.

The new “Dream It, Stream It” commercials, in :30, :15 and :06 versions, are running on connected TV, digital and social channels.


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