TikTok's New Music Streaming Platform Launches In Brazil, Indonesia

TikTok has launched a new subscription-only music streaming service called “TikTok Music” in Brazil and Indonesia that can be synced directly with users' regular TikTok accounts. From there, users can listen, download and share songs the same way they do on Spotify and Apple Music.

The company is no stranger to the music industry, as the platform has become a major player in popular music discovery. TikTok's parent company, ByteDance, also launched a music streaming app called Resso in 2020 in India, Brazil and Indonesia that accumulated over 40 million monthly active users by the start of last year.

TikTok Music will replace Resso, which will shut down on September 5 in Brazil and Indonesia, marking the Chinese-owned company's next phase of providing artists with a one-stop-shop for all music entertainment via a unified video/audio platform to share their music, market themselves and get paid.

The new service has already made deals with major record companies like Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and Sony Music to include their catalogs, and, similar to Resso, TikTok says that users will be able to play viral TikTok songs in full, discover personalized music recommendations, access lyrics in real time, create collaborative playlists with friends, important music libraries and find songs via lyrics search.

A Shazam-like song-identifying feature will also be included in the new service as well as social features, the company says.

No news has been shared about expanding the service outside of Brazil or Indonesia.

However, last August Insider uncovered a U.S. trademark application that ByteDance filed for “TikTok Music” a few months prior, as well as a separate trademark filed in Australia.

Insider has called TikTok an “essential promotional tool for music artists and record labels,” with marketers’ ability to hire TikTok influencers to boost visibility, as old and new songs go viral by rising organically through the app's algorithm.

TikTok Music’s upcoming launch doesn’t include a free option like Spotify and Amazon Music, aside from a one-month free trial. Users can pay $3.49 a month in Brazil, and in Indonesia, iOS users can pay $3.35 and Android users can pay $2.96 per month for the first year, then $3.25 afterwards.

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