Pringles Brings Super Bowl-Styled Ads To Europe

Grey London is launched a pan-European campaign for Pringles that mimics the successful Super Bow ads: People get their hands stuck in cans.

The new work runs in Northern and Southern Europe.

The 40-second “Apéro” spot, targeting France, Spain, Portugal and Italy, shows a woman getting her hand stuck in a Pringles can as she preps charcuterie and snacks. After a brief shock, she transforms the can into a cocktail stirrer, ice crusher and guitar pick.

Another 60-second ad, "Nights," created for Northern European markets, features a young guy who hides in quiet room when he gets his hand stuck in a Pringles can at a party. However, he soon realizes he's not alone.

The spot, which broke in early July, will run in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Cyprus, Malta, Latvia, Estonia. 



A shorter "Nights" spot runs in the UK and Ireland, an adaptation of the original Pringles Super Bowl ad created in collaboration with Grey New York.

The campaign is running on TV, digital, social and out-of-home platforms.

“In adapting the work for European markets, the idea is to showcase them in intrinsically European settings,” said David Wigglesworth, executive creative director at Grey London.

Stéphanie Thys, European marketing director, Pringles, says: “Pringles is a playful brand and that’s something we wanted to convey in this campaign.”

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