GEICO Sponsors Wrexham's 'USA Invasion Summer Tour'


Wrexham AFC, the UK football team resuscitated by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney has a new sponsor for the team’s “USA Invasion Summer Tour”— GEICO. 

GEICO will be sponsoring the team’s official tour bus from Los Angeles to San Diego and hosting “The GEICO Grill Out” featuring The Grill Dads, from The Food Network, with “grilling made easy” demos at each match on the tour.     



The Tour will have four stops across the US. It’s the first time that Wrexham’s first team squad will travel to the US. The dates are:  

  • July 19th - Wrexham AFC vs Chelsea FC (North Carolina) 

  • July 22nd - Wrexham AFC vs LA Galaxy II (Los Angeles) 

  • July 25th - Wrexham AFC vs Manchester United (San Diego) 

  • July 28th - Wrexham AFC vs Philadelphia Union II (Philadelphia)  

In a new video, from Ryan-founded agency Maximum Effort, McElhenney shares the big news with Reynolds by holding up a very tiny shirt (for the sponsor’s tiny mascot) to announce GEICO as an official sponsor of the Tour.  

HP has also been enlisted as a sponsor for the Tour.  




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