Intuit Launches B2B Ad Network Targeting Small Business Owners

Financial technology company Intuit has launched what it calls a first: a B2B ad network targeting small businesses. It’s called SMB MediaLabs.   

According to the firm advertisers can potentially reach over six million QuickBooks Online customers in the US through the network, which is operational and has ad clients although the network is not identifying them at this time.   

The network is part of Intuit's Small Business and Self-Employed Group which is overseen by executive vice president and general manager Alex Chriss. The network will primarily be run by Dave Raggio, vice president, U.S. acquisition marketing for the Small Business and Self-Employed Group.   



The ad network will focus on open exchanges, social networks (starting with Meta), audio and podcast, and CTV, and Vizio will serve as the exclusive CTV partner.  

The company said that Instead of a self-service setup, advertisers will have dedicated account managers and media planners who work with their internal teams and/or agencies on strategy.  

The network is touting the depth of Intuit’s data which it says allows it to identify business insights sooner than insights currently available from commercial business databases.  

“We’re giving our small business customers an edge by using the power of our platform to ethically draw on the collective strength of their data,” said Chriss. Through the network, he added, “small businesses will gain access to focused, relevant advertising for the products and services they need.”  

Intuit’s core products include QuickBooks, TurboTax, Credit Karma and Mailchimp.   




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