Patreon Podcasters Can Now Upload Exclusive Content To Spotify

Spotify and Patreon have expanded their partnership for a new podcast integration. The goal is to amplify Patreon podcast creators' voices and brands by inviting them to upload exclusive paywalled content to the Spotify streaming service, which claims to have over half-a-billion users.

All creators can now upload original subscriber content onto Spotify through the Patreon dashboard. Once on Spotify, the exclusive audio content will appear with a “Paid” tag.

To listen, Spotify users can sign up for the creator's Patreon membership, if they are not already signed up.

Patreon and Spotify announced their partnership back in March, when they first began testing the now-public integration. 

“Many podcasters use Patreon to connect with their fans, and for the first time ever, they can link their accounts so fans can access and listen to these shows on Spotify,” says Gustav Söderström, co-president and chief product and technology officer at Spotify, who believes this partnership will help podcasters reach a more global audience.  
Spotify has been adding integrations from publishers and platforms like Patreon that offer subscriber-only content via the Spotify Open Access API, including Supporting Cast, Supercast, Podspace, Glow, and more.

In a blog post, Spotify also announced a new feature in testing intended to help creators promote their subscriptions on the platform by putting a banner at the top of their free show page that highlights their paid content offerings.

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