'Hamilton' Enters The Metaverse

Lin Manuel-Miranda’s hit Broadway show “Hamilton” is joining the metaverse by way of popular gaming platform Roblox, where players can complete tasks and embark on virtual adventures across digital landscapes featured in the original award-winning musical.

The “Hamilton Simulator” was created by immersive games designer and esports platform Super League, which has developed Roblox gaming experiences for brands like Clarks, MTV, Oshkosh and Mattel.

Players are able to re-experience the music from the original show while completing interactive themed activities among historical set pieces.

“The game transports users into different zones, each referencing signature locations from the musical,” explains Super League. “Visitors arrive via ship at the Old New York Docks and follow in the footsteps of Alexander Hamilton, where he started his life in what would become America.”

From there, Roblox users are able to unlock collectible versions of Hamilton characters along their adventure that become journey-mates who like to rap, sing and “go head-to-head with adversaries” in the Schuyler Mansion Ballroom, Washington’s office, and Yorktown Battlefield.

“Using unique musical signatures, users can defeat enemies and earn coins to access more powerful companions or additional in-experience boosts and resources,” the company says. “As participants progress, they can become increasingly powerful and engage in more challenging levels of the battle.”

Earlier this month, Super League, which has provided a large swathe of developers with measurement, monetization, and optimization tools, officially joined the Roblox Partner Program. The company is now able to provide the brands it is working with access to the official Roblox advertising system via its Immersive Ads product, which Super League has integrated into its suite of cross-platform offerings.

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