Sunshine Punch Taps Influencers To Drive Brand Visibility

Sunshine Punch, a ready-to-serve rum cocktail, launched “Thirst Trap,” a new paid social and influencer campaign from McKinney.

The agency found 10 influencers that embodied the “Thirst Trap” appeal with fun, edgy content. The “Thirst Trap” crew ranges from @callmechoko and his dance moves to the retro vibe of Florida surfer-songwriter @thatpineapplegirl.



McKinney was charged with driving awareness for the brand and its new flavor.

McKinney also collaborated with Sandstrom Partners, which created Sunshine Punch’s original branding and site.

Sunshine Punch was created by longtime friends-founders Brian Thomason and Matt Hemmings. It is blended and bottled in their home state of North Carolina.

McKinney has also done work for Samsung, ESPN and Choice Hotels. Sandstrom Partners clients have included Seagram's/Diageo, Montana Whiskey Co. and St-Germain.

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