The Art Of The Running Without Running Deal

One of my favorite scenes from Bruce Lee's movies is the one in "Enter The Dragon" in which he is challenged to a fight by an intimidating adversary and defeats him without lifting a hand (see video below).

"You can call it the art of fighting without fighting," Lee's character explains.

Based on the results of the first GOP debate, I think the twice-impeached, multi-indicted former president might well consider doing the same.

After all, he is well known to obsess about his media numbers -- TV ratings, crowd sizes, polling numbers -- and based on the results of an analysis of media share of voice and sentiment following the first debate in which he did not even show up, maybe he should consider sitting the rest of them out.

Heck, maybe he should consider sitting the whole election thing out, too, and take a slow boat to "Ji-na," er, I mean China.

According to the analysis released by public relations tech firm Propel, he handily defeated all of the actual GOP debaters in every conceivable metric -- including share of media voice -- simply by not showing up.

He should do the same thing in November 2024 and it will be a win-win for all concerned.



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