New Tubi Campaign Keeps Going And Going And Going...


Tubi, Fox’s ad-supported streamer, enters the fall TV season with a new three-pronged campaign, “Just Keep Going,” from creative agency Mischief @ No Fixed Address.

The three prongs are four :30 national commercials; out-of-home ads in the New York City subway system; and more than a dozen :30 and :10 spots geared towards fans of local pro football teams that will run both nationally and locally.

The four national commercials streeeetch the point that Tubi has lots and lots of content.

For example, in “Choreography,” promoting “the musicals where people do things you didn’t think the human body was even capable of,” a dancer pulls her partner’s arms on and on and on, Elongated Man- or Mr. Fantastic-like.



Crime dramas “just keep going” in “Cig Boat,” in which a “global drug cartel” uses a “highly conspicuous” and super-super-long speedboat.

The four spots, running through mid-November, will be “optimized to the viewing habits of the 18-34 audience,” Tubi tells Marketing Daily, with a “CTV and social-first strategy” complemented by “a targeted presence in prime-time linear.”

All the spots end with the graphic, “Tubi. Find Your Rabbit Hole,” a continuation of the theme from Tubi’s February Super Bowl ads, which also featured Tubi’s notorious “Interface Interruption” spot that pranked viewers into thinking their TV screens had been taken over by someone using their remote to scroll through Tubi’s library.

Tubi’s NFL pranking now continues with spots featuring announcers in sports show-type settings. In one, a woman asks her co-hosts, “How do you like the Giants’ chances today?” “There’s a clear size advantage,” answers an expert, as the screen starts showing scenes of a huge guy from an adventure movie. “On Tubi, your love for giants and fantasy just keep going,” the spot concludes.

In addition to the Giants, the other football spots pun the Bears (for nature docs), Cowboys (westerns), Jets (action movies), Eagles (nature shows) and Vikings (historical epics).

The NYC OOH placements zero in on specific programming genres.

“On Tubi, the romcoms where people lock eyes above the platform just keep going,” reads one. 

“This campaign is an homage to and celebration of our passionate viewers and their individual tastes,” said Nicole Parlapiano, Tubi’s chief marketing officer, in a statement. “We are aiming to meet them where they are in a contextually relevant way whether it be watching their favorite football team on Sunday or riding the subway in New York City.”


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