AI Helpmate: Users Worldwide Say It Saves Time And Helps Creativity

AI is emerging as a creative force in the workplace, judging by Elevating Creative With AI, a global study by Canva, working with Morning Consult. 

For starters, 69% of those polled claim generative AI enhances their team’s creativity. Only 17% say artificial intelligence (AI) limits them in this way, and only 14% feel AI has no impact. 

The U.S. seems to be ahead, with 84% of leaders agreeing that AI-powered tools reduce the minutes devoted to repetitive tasks, freeing them to focus on more creative work. The global average is 80%. 

And only 55% of U.S. leaders feel overwhelmed by the task of learning these new technologies, versus 65% globally. 

Of course, that tells you something — generative AI is still not easy to grasp for a majority. 

Moreover, 69% feel there are already too many generative AI tools and 54% feel pressured to use generative AI to keep up with change. 



The respondents worldwide also share these concerns: 

  • Customer data — 76% 
  • Company data — 75%
  • Personal data — 74% 
  • Marketers and creatives becoming overly reliant on AI — 73%

But, in general, 97% of marketers and creative leaders are comfortable with the rise of generative AI precisely because it allows them to reduce busywork. More specifically, 80% feel that AI-powered tools reduce the “minutiae of repetitive tasks.”

Case in point: 69% of users say the tool is saving their teams at least two to three hours per week. And 36% say they are benefitting from more than four to five hours a week.  

Canva surveyed more than 4,000 marketing and creative leaders from n the U.S., the U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Mexico and India.



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