Samsung Ads, BrightLine Partner To Expand Interactive CTV Ads

Samsung Ads has partnered with BrightLine to expand its actionable and dynamic video ad inventory and enable greater focus on performance and outcomes. 

Using BrightLine’s new dynamic ad units, Samsung Ads, which already runs interactive ads in its QR-coded and shoppable online vide inventory, can now offer live and personalized ads, the addition of scrollable branded carousels, on-screen polls and trivia experiences.

BrightLine’s proprietary, TV-first interactive ad suite plugs seamlessly into Samsung’s user interface and smart TV operating system, according to the companies.

This integration of BrightLine’s interactive and dynamic ad formats into Samsung Ads’ inventory mix allows Samsung Ads to offer the most sophisticated interactive solutions and compliments the Company’s listing lineup of in-stream, native, and cross platform ads.

"CTV advertising has been about delivering the solutions brands need to achieve measurable results. Today, we’ve evolved to a point where CTV is now capable of delivering results beyond simply reach and awareness," said Michael Scott, vice president of ad sales and operations, Samsung Ads, in the announcement. "With BrightLine’s advanced capabilities, advertisers are now able to engage consumers in a real-time dialog and exchange for the first time on Samsung Smart TVs.”



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