Birds & Bees? Nah, Amberen Suggests 'The Other Talk': Menopause

Amberen, a supplement for menopause symptom relief, has trademarked the tagline “The Other Talk” and is launching a national campaign around it, starting with this :30 spot created by the Ruckus agency.

Amberen says the campaign, the largest ever for the six-year-old brand, destigmatizes conversations about menopause “by connecting them to other tricky conversations which arise as part of everyday life.”

The first spot starts with a child asking “Where do babies come from?,” proceeds to a woman telling her partner that “we need to talk” -- and then to a distraught woman in a supermarket declaring “I can’t talk right now” before fanning herself and sticking her head in the refrigerated section.

Meanwhile, an onscreen graphic asks “Why can’t we talk about menopause?” while a voiceover says, “We have all other kinds of talks but not this one. It's time to have the other talk. Start the conversation with Amberen.”



The commercial’s visuals were inspired by the art of Norman Rockwell, Ruckus creative director Adam EvanstellsMarketing Daily, “specifically in wider, more picturesque framing. We wanted the scenes of important talks we have in life to feel as if pulled from any time in Americana.”

So the spot uses “static wide shots with brighter lighting and a balanced frame,” Evans says. We’re peering into a scene rather than living within it….We also used filters on the camera lens that added a slight glow to the image,” with “a more classical feel that holds a timeless quality.”.

The campaign will continue to roll out in October and November, with :15 cutdowns of the current spot, audio spots, andstatic imagery. Media will include YouTube, paid digital, social media, streaming radio, podcasts and email. The media agency is Stella Rising.

“Over and over, women told us that they didn’t know what to expect from menopause because no one was having these conversations,” Leslie Dimino, Amberen’s senior brand manager, said in a statement. “‘The Other Talk’ will help women see that we should be talking about menopause and that there is no reason for anyone to suffer with symptoms or wonder what to expect.”

Amberen’s product label says it relieves the following symptoms: hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, mood swings, weight gain, difficulty sleeping, irritability, anxiety and stress. The ingredients? “A proprietary formulation of bioactive antioxidants (succinates), amino acids, minerals and vitamin E,” according to the U.K.’s Alliance Pharmaceuticals, which acquired the brand a couple of years ago.

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