AI, Take A Note: Can Sales Meeting Transcripts Be Turned Into Emails?

Most of us have been in this situation at some point in our careers. The sales meeting ends, and you’re the poor fool who has to stay behind and write up the notes while the big shots go out to dinner. Then you have to send the email.

Zoominfo claims it has a way around this: A generative AI tool that drafts follow-up emails after meetings. 

The tool is being offered within Chorus, the conversation intelligence tool introduced by Zoominfo in May.

According to the company, Chorus can automatically insert notes and action items into ready-to-send email drafts.

Let’s say you have a sales meeting. According to Zoominfo, the solution provides: 

- A customizable email draft addressed to everyone who attended the meeting.

- Details of discussions throughout the call.



- A list of next steps for both sides to help bring the deal to a close.

The goal is to usher in “the next generation of getting deals done,” says Dominik Facher, chief product officer at ZoomInfo.

How does this work, short of someone typing or handwriting stenographic-quality notes? It relies on the automatic speech recognition (or speech-to-text capabilities) within Chorus.

Zoominfo claims that Chorus users have used the basic post-meeting briefs feature to produce more than 2.3 million generative AI meeting summaries. Case in point: Brandlive. 

“Our entire organization is obsessed with the AI summary that Chorus offers,” says Kyle Janus, Marketing Operations Manager at Brandlive. “Instead of re-watching the entire call, we can get an immediate overview of what was discussed and, most importantly, what those action items were, which has saved countless hours.”

Janus adds, These briefs have directly improved efficiency for customers who are no longer burdened by the cumbersome task of note-taking and identifying important action items from a call.”

Not to quibble, but presumably, higher-ups will actually read these emails before they are sent. I’ve seen too many inaccurate voice transcripts and bad film sub-titles to have total faith in a technology such as this. 

Anyway, as many have feared, gen AI is creeping stealthily toward writing marketing emails, and just about anything else. Say you’re a reporter covering the town council—why bother taking notes and writing a story?  

But here are a couple of additional selling points: Chorus is integrated with Zapier, allowing the streamlined workflows known as Zaps. 

Users can centralize their workflows within a single app without investing in costly software, the company says. 

Also, the Chorus app for Slack lets users publish meeting summaries and follow-ups to any channel. Among users, 20% have adopted Chorus meeting summaries within Slack.

Enjoy your new leisure time.

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