Infiniti Focuses On Intimate Moments

During the pandemic, people sought refuge in their cars to take a break from the chaos in their homes.

Those days are mostly behind us, but vehicles continue to be a place where intimate moments can be shared. 

That’s the theme of new work breaking from Infiniti from Publicis Q.

In an industry packed with companies tailored to and celebrating extroverts, Infiniti says it has created two new advertisements that speak to the intimate moments where drivers and passengers can be unabashedly themselves. 

Elegantly designed interiors help cars become safe, comfortable place for all, including introverts, according to the automaker.

The effort is aimed at people who have a more understated perspective on luxury, says Bill Carlson, Group Creative Director at Publicis Q.

"In a category that is focused on luxury as a statement, Infiniti concentrates on people whose perception of luxury is to deliver a feeling," Carlson tells Marketing Daily. "They’re real, down to earth people. Their relationship to their vehicles is significantly more intimate than your average person."



Carlson adds that 92% describe their car as a place that reinvigorates them while 40% say it’s the only space they have to themselves.

"So, rather than throw features and statements of grandeur, we treated the vehicle like a third space," he says. 

Along with TV and digital video, the agency also captured photography to be used online and in social media that "demonstrate how Infiniti interiors are so thoughtfully designed you can be your truest self when inside the vehicle," Carlson says. "Instead of the standard static car photography that often doesn’t even include people, we wanted to depict how people live their best life when in an Infiniti."

These latest spots in the  “Infinitely You” campaign are set to debut across national TV on Oct. 2.

"To allow each spot to have the greatest impact and drive comprehension from the start, we will begin with 30-seconds spots," Carlson says. "Over the coming weeks of the campaign as people become more familiar with the work, we will transition to 15-seconds spots.  Alongside the 15-seconds spots and 30-seconds spot, we will also have 6-seconds placements and static assets running in paid digital media."

Work of Art” features a couple sitting in a darkened QX60 discussing the awful piece of art that the male driver has just placed in its roomy backseat. While the female passenger at first seems irritated, the two end up in a laughing discussion about where to hang the art. 

Mic Drop” shows off the QX80’s roomy three rows, while the passengers share a moment of nostalgia and harmonize on “End of the Road” a popular Boyz II Men song from 1991.

In the luxury space, and particularly with luxury car advertising, so much of the messaging is about making a statement on your behalf, Carlson says.

"With 'Infinitely You,' we want to differentiate ourselves by showing that our interiors are so well designed that you can feel like your most authentic self every time you get inside -- it is your third space where you feel 100% yourself," he says. "That’s it, make the car a third space. Sing your heart out, say the thing you’ve been meaning to say, be honest with yourself. Or as the line says, Feel 'Infinitely You.'" 

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