ANA/Bloomberg Team On A Guide To AI, A Manual One

Nature abhors a vacuum. Apparently, so does artificial intelligence. So the Association of National Advertisers is teaming up with Bloomberg Media to help fill it.

“AI is the newest complicated reality for business leaders," says Nick Primola, group executive vice president of the ANA Global CMO Growth Council, which is collaborating with Bloomberg to publish "The Business Guide to AI," which they describe as a "multi-channel" guide providing "actionable and practical insights for CMOs and business leaders seeking to leverage AI to accelerate their businesses."

The collaboration, which will be featured during the ANA's upcoming "Masters of Marketing Conference" in Orlando, follows a series of Bloomberg newsroom initiatives to help educate the general marketplace about AI via video, events, TV, radio, podcasts and print.

While they didn't provide any preliminary details of the new guide, they the ANA will "house video content, including the bespoke case study presentations and intimate business leader interviews from the co-hosted events, on their owned channels."



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  1. Don Rua from Admiral, October 3, 2023 at 4:54 p.m.

    Looking forward to it. We just posted today a Chat GPT best practices list for media publishers. It includes a cheat sheet of limitations and guidance when using Chat GPT, as well as 100+ prompts designed specifically for categories of media publisher concerns, such as subscription strategy, or consent management.


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