Rivals No More: Execs Team Up To Create A New Email Agency

Two former competitors have founded an agency for enterprise email marketers.

Alex Williams and Matt Caldwell have teamed up to create Leap, an email-centric CRM agency that they hope will resolve the pressing issues that plague email marketing programs. 

The Portland, Oregon-based agency will blend “eye-catching design with rigorous testing and cutting-edge technology,” Williams says.

Williams and Caldwell were founding executives, respectively, at Trendline Interactive and Yes Agency. They worked together on programs for brands such as Airbnb, PayPal, LinkedIn, Marriott, eBay, HP, Comcast, Chili's and Olive Garden. 

They then teamed up to create Leap.  

"Every time Matt and I crossed paths — be it on a conference stage or in a competitive pitch — I knew we were each other's most formidable competition," says Williams, who serves as chief strategy and innovation officer at Leap.



And now? “Our collaboration is a fusion of the best elements from each of our individual strategies, culminating in Leap," Williams adds. 

For his part, Caldwell says: “Throughout the years, as competitors, I was consistently impressed by Alex's comprehensive skill set — from creativity to strategic planning, all the way to technical execution. Once we started brainstorming about Leap, it became evident that we both prioritize efficiency and tangible results.” 

Leap sees email as the pivotal element in a brand's CRM strategy.  

"Email isn't simply another channel; it's the cornerstone for building lasting, meaningful consumer relationships,” Caldwell says. “Yet, to be effective in today's multi-platform world, brands need a cohesive multi-channel strategy." 

In the case of Leap, that includes push notifications, SMS and display advertising.

So here’s the pitch: "Companies shouldn't have to compromise between design and effectiveness," Williams says. "We were established to bridge that gap, ensuring messages not only captivate but also generate measurable results."

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