Sales Email Watchdog: Tool Helps Teams Assess What They Write, Firm Says

Now this should in no way be construed as a criticism of B2B salespeople: They have a tough enough job without being slammed for their writing skills. 

But let’s be candid: some could use help. To that end, has launched updates to its Email Analyzer that it says will help team members personalize emails and assess their quality. And this not just about grammar. 

Let’s say a salesperson is on their own, and that nobody is checking their emails before they go out. According to, the AI-based Email Analyzer updates will allow users to track the quality of their written emails, including these elements:

  • Subject line—This feature analyzes length, title case sensitivity, spam words and elements.
  • Opener — This reviews degree of personalization, cliche language, opener length and other components.
  • Body copy — Users will receive an analysis of message length, reading time, readability, question count and  spam words.
  • Call-to-Action (CTA) — Sales emails should always include one Call-to-Action, framed as a single question
  • Salutation and sign-off — This flags overly formal  salutations like Dear, Mr., Mrs. Ms or sign-offs that are overly formal or casual like Sincerely, TTYL, TAFN, or Love/
  • Mobile optimized — Are your emails designed for that small mobile screen? This checks messages for mobile friendliness against benchmarks like text alignment and length.
  • Buzzwords — This flats corporate jargon that would make your email hard to comprehend.
  • Inclusion — Call this a sensitivity checker—it flags words or phrases that may alienate or offend the reader. 



There could be other products that do the same things. But this should serve as a list of the critical elements a salesperson needs to review. 

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