Havas Media Buys Time From Impact Network For Resale To Clients

Havas Media North America has struck a deal to purchase what is calling a “substantial” amount of media time upfront from the Impact Network, the black owned and operated cable network. 

Havas said it intends to resell the media time to clients at “competitive rates.” Impact Network says it is available in 70% of cable homes across the country.  

Part of the attraction for both Havas and potentially its clients is broadening the diversity of its media placements and supporting under-represented media owners--particularly media owned by people of color and other minorities. 



“This meaningful partnership helps ensure the continued growth of Impact Network as a media company without losing its equity,” Havas said in a statement. 

Impact Network will also provide Havas Media access to custom content creation in furtherance of its commitment to increase diverse media and diverse-owned business investments. 

According to Anabela Bonuccelli, EVP, Multicultural Lead for Havas Media Network North America, the deal will "provide our clients with new opportunities to connect with audiences in a safe, authentic environment that makes a difference in people’s lives.”

She added, “Not only are we thrilled that through our partnership we’re able to help Impact Network stay 100% family-owned and further our commitment in supporting diverse media, but we’re excited to collaborate on original content within Impact’s wheelhouse of positive, inspirational programming – a true expression of meaningful media.” 

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  1. Phil Guarascio from PG Ventures LLC, November 21, 2023 at 10:49 a.m.

    Really smart if Havas can authenticate irs pricing to clients. 

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