Opendoor Taps Mischief @ No Fixed Address For Creative Work

Online real estate platform Opendoor is teaming with creative agency Mischief @ No Fixed Address to help execute an ambitious marketing plan over the next year including a spot in the in 2024 Super Bowl.   

David Corns, CMO at Opendoor, said: “Our biggest challenge in 2024 will be to rewire consumer expectations that buying and selling a home has to be hard. We know an investment in creativity with the right partner can crack this, and that’s why we’re excited to join forces with Mischief.”  



Opendoor’s debut work with Mischief will focus on the stressful home selling process. A company survey found that 70% of those polled say they’re stressed by uncertainty over the sale price, while 69% say they’re stressed their home wouldn’t sell within a desired timeframe. Other stress factors include deals falling through and concern about expenses to make a home ready for sale. Opendoor, founded in 2014, says it reduces the stress by buying homes directly and reselling to buyers.
According to the company, the Super Bowl’s timing in early February marks the unofficial start of the home selling season and is thus the right time to launch a new marketing effort.   

Pictured above is an Opendoor campaign from last year


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