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Cheez-It Cozies Up To TikTok Trend With Brr-Bask-It Bundle

Capitalizing on the recent TikTok trend of BrrBaskets -- gift baskets full of items for the cold holiday season, like fuzzy blankets and socks, mugs full of hot cocoa, snacks, and slippers -- Kellogg’s Cheez-It brand launched a seasonal Brr Bask-It Bundle of its own featuring snacks and merchandise to keep fans cozy during the shortest days of the year.

The brand’s take on the trend includes a Cheez-It beanie, socks and fuzzy blanket, a box of “Extra Toasty” Cheez-It flavors – both original and Extra Toasty Cheddar Jack --  and a custom “cheezy” holiday card. All of it is bundled in a basket with on-brand red tissue paper. Fans can find the Cheez-It BrrBasket Bundles for sale beginning at noon on Dec. 12, with a second drop on December 19 at the same time.

Fans can customize and personalize their bundle as much as they want, including adding additional Cheez-It boxes, hat, socks and blanket accessories.



“Add something sweet, something boozy or something for self-care – lucky for our fans, Cheez-It pairs well with just about everything,” the brand said in a statement -- clarifying that each basket requires assembly, and that the aforementioned additional products are not actually sold via their website. Fans can however add to their order with items they do sell to add to their basket at home.

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