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Frito-Lay Unleashes 'Taste Of Super Bowl' Ads Featuring Football Icons

Ahead of the upcoming NFL PLayoffs, Frito-Lay launched a “Taste of Super Bowl” campaign celebrating its distinction as the Big Game’s official chip while leaning into the star power of retired NFL greats.

The campaign centers around a new ad starring four-time Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski, 2019 Super Bowl champion Marshawn Lynch (who also starred in the movie "Bottoms"), and two-time Super Bowl champion Troy Polamalu. In “Taste The Victory,” Lynch tells a skeptical Gronkowski that Lay’s tastes like winning the Super Bowl, a concept brought to life with a pop of confetti accompanying each of the stars opening a bag.

The spot, which was developed by Frito-Lay’s internal agency and directed by Peter Berg, (director of the iconic football TV show "Friday Night Lights), will make its broadcast debut during the upcoming Super Wild Card Weekend and continue running through Super Bowl LVIII.



Like its campaign last summer for the FIFA Women’s World Cup, Frito-Lay’s promotes items across its portfolio, with each of the stars popping open a bag of the brand’s flagship Lay’s, Cheetos, and Tostitos offerings. The brand is also promoting its Super Bowl push with a packaging element marketing the brand’s “Taste of Super Bowl” snacks, with the promotional packaging now appearing at retailers nationwide.

Additionally, Frito-Lay will have a sizable presence in Las Vegas during Super Bowl weekend. The brand will greet fans in the Super Bowl host city with an immersive marketing campaign featuring a number of “fan experiences” across the “Frito-Lay Chip Strip,” located on the Brooklyn Bridge at the New York, New York Hotel.  Fans will have a chance to have a chance to win big at the  “Frito-Lay Snackpot,” share their love at the “Cheetos Chapel,” and more, including what the brand promises to be an opportunity to “take a seat in the hottest ride on the Strip.”

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