9-Month Non-Alkie Challenge: Sam Adams Asks Non-Pregnant Partner To Abstain In Solidarity


Dry January is one thing, while an alcohol-free nine months is a whole different matter.

According to a recent survey commissioned by Samuel Adams and conducted online by The Harris Poll, fewer than one in five (17%) of expectant parents 21 and over said they planned to stop drinking while their partner was pregnant.

So the brewer is issuing a “Due Date, Brew Date” appeal to expectant parents, tasking them with abstaining from alcohol in solidarity with their pregnant partner -- and providing incentive to take up the challenge, in the form of a promotional sweepstakes which could keep them stocked with the brand’s non-alcoholic IPA ahead of a six-pack delivered for their “brew date.”

In a statement, Samuel Adams Head of Brand Lauren Price said the brand created the activations as a way for expecting parents to “show their appreciation for their partner, without giving up their other great love: beer.” In fact, “one of the best times” to try Sam Adams Just the Haze Non-Alcoholic IPA is “when it matters most to your significant other.”



 “As the non-alcoholic beer category continues to expand, we are seizing the opportunity to lean into Dry January and speak to an otherwise unexpected demographic for a beer brand while addressing a real tension with this campaign,” Samuel Adams Senior Brand Manager Jasen Holley told Marketing Daily. “'Due Date, Brew Date' was born out of the insight that expecting mothers can’t drink alcohol, which can [make it] frustrating to see their partners continue to enjoy their favorite adult beverages.”

To enter, expectant parents can visit the “Due Date, Brew Date” post on Samuel Adams’ Instagram page through Jan. 22 by explaining why they’re willing to abstain until their due date in solidarity. If they’re the one who’s pregnant, they can tag their partner and tell Samuel Adams why they should take on the challenge -- something of an opportunity for a gentle call-out.

Five winners will receive a 40-week supply of Samuel Adams Just The Haze non-alcoholic beer and, at the end of the 40-week pledge, a six pack of Boston Lager to celebrate the “brew date,” along with a gift from their registry.

The campaign arrives amid a year where beer drinkers have more nonalcoholic options for Dry January and beyond than ever, including new entrants from Blue Moon and Sierra Nevada.

“The non-alcoholic beer category is ripe with opportunity as we have seen tremendous growth in recent years,” Holley said. “With more drinkers embracing the sober-curious movement and partaking in a 'damp' lifestyle, we saw ample opportunity to get creative and keep Samuel Adams top of mind for consumers.”

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