Stagwell, MNTN Partner On Targeting, Measurement Metrics

Stagwell and CTV advertising company MNTN have joined forces to offer clients buying capabilities that combine MNTN’s performance TV platform with Stagwell’s Marketing Cloud products.  

The partnership focuses on tools for targeting, measurement, and automated optimization technology with the goal of offering brands metrics assessing both reach and revenue.    

The companies said MNTN clients will now benefit from an enhanced suite of tools, incorporating products from the Stagwell Marketing Cloud, including:   

  • advertisement


    PRophet, a generative and predictive AI platform for PR professionals 

  • Koalifyed, an influencer discovery and campaign management platform 

  • ReachTV, the largest streaming television network targeting travelers in airports  

"For too long, brand and performance media have battled to co-exist in an industry that worships creative ideas and measurable metrics separately," said MNTN President and CEO Mark Douglas. "Now Stagwell's performance-focused clients can see their brand campaigns at work through MNTN Performance TV and not only qualify but quantify results of traditionally less measurable media." 


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