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Disruptive Period Symptoms? 'Better Is Possible,' Says Hologic


“Better is Possible,” for bad period symptoms, medtech firm Hologic assures women in a campaign encouraging them to talk to their doctor about solutions that don’t involve hysterectomies.

In a video posted on a dedicated website and also running in shorter versions on paid streaming and social, Hologic shows women experiencing symptoms like intense pain as a female voice notes, “When you know something’s wrong, but no one’s listening to you, you need a healthcare partner that’s as strong as you and your uterus.”



In addition to the website and videos, the campaign includes a native article and symptoms quiz on USA Today.

Mary Byerly, vice president of marketing for Hologic’s Gynecological Surgical Solutions division, tells Marketing Daily that the quiz, which is also a key website feature, “helps women identify abnormal symptoms that they may be experiencing as well as get connected with a mentor -- a woman who has found relief from similar symptoms through treatment.”

The site also includes a physician finder, allowing women to find a local doctor who offers Hologic’s solutions for minimally invasive fibroid surgery and other treatments for heavy and disruptive periods, aka AUB (abnormal uterine bleeding).

Hologic is concentrating its “Better is Possible” campaign in four markets -- New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Detroit – which Byerly explains “have the highest diagnosis of fibroids per capita.”

Fibroids, which Johns Hopkins notes affect 77% of women during their childbearing years, are a common cause of AUB, which the Centers for Disease Control says affects more than 10 million U.S. women annually.

A 2022 Harris Poll survey commissioned by the firm found around two-thirds of women saying their periods had impacted their day-to-day lives, but Hologic says there has been “a glaring absence of discussion around solutions."

Hologic developed and executed the “Better is Possible’ campaign with DDM Marketing + Communications in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Hologic, which focuses on products for women’s wellness, last week also announced preliminary revenue results for its first fiscal quarter, which ended Dec. 30. Byerly’s division had $162.1 million in revenue, representing 16 % of the company’s total $1.01 billion, and up 5.3% year-over-year.

When consumers choose to see treatment options from the Better is Possible page, they’re linked to three potential Hologic procedures, all of which were singled out by the company last week in a session with analysts at the 42nd Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference.

CFO Karleen Oberton cited the MyoSure tissue removal device and Acessa fibroid treatment as having a “fantastic performance” in the quarter, but noted that sales figures for the NovaSure endometrial bleeding procedure were down a bit, due to lower pricing from a year earlier.

 Hologic acquired Acessa in 2020 for a reported $80 million.

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