Cause For Concern: Poverty Tops The List


Brand and purpose consultancy Revolt is out with its annual report, Causes That Count, that ranks the global issues that matter most to consumers and for the second year in a row, domestic poverty, hunger and homelessness is the top issue. 

The report is based on a survey of 5,000 people by Attest across the U.S., U.K., Brazil, China and India. 



Other top-10 issues include large scale conflict and wars, climate change, job security, healthcare access, government transparency/threats to democracy, education, violence/gun control and extreme poverty around the world.  

Alex Lewis, Co-founder at Revolt, said: “The stability of Revolt’s top 10 causes should send a clear signal to brands whose operations touch one of these issues that there is a pressing need for them to step up purposeful action...there are big opportunities for brands to help both people and planet while driving business growth.” 

The report ranks 50 issues and discusses how brands may (or may not) want to address them. Surprisingly low on the list at number 41 is AI’s impact on people and society, given all the coverage the topic has received over the past year.  

“Brands have a unique opportunity to be pioneers in this emerging space by promoting authenticity and diversity and ensuring that the guardrails used to ensure diverse representation are placed on AI generated imagery in the same way they have been for real imagery,” the report advises.  

Click here for a deeper dive into the findings.  

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