Sussman Names Shaffner Agency President

The Sussman agency named longtime ad vet Cathy Shaffner the company’s first female president.

Previously, Shaffner was Chief Investment Officer for Empower Media. Her appointment is timed to founder Alan Sussman decision to hire a new management team, headed by marketing executive Dino Rotondo as CEO. Sussman becomes chairman of the company.

Rotondo says savvy leadership dements on "adults who understand retail and bring innovative, impactful marketing solutions to our clients. Cathy checks all the boxes and then some.”

Shaffner’s category retail experience includes hospitality, home goods and services, consumer goods and financial. 

In addition to Shaffner’s appointment, the agency promoted Ashleigh Hollowell, a seven-year executive at Sussman, to Chief Client Officer.

Agency clients include Mitsubishi Motors, Gardner White, Feldman Automotive Group, The RoomPlace Furniture & Mattress and Mark Wahlberg Automotive Group.

Sussman is located in a suburb of Detroit.



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