VTNA Unveils Its New Code And Theory-Created Digital Experience


Volvo Trucks North America (VTNA) has launched its much-anticipated all-new Volvo VNL truck model across the U.S. and Canada.   

To reach the tech-savvy trucking industry of today, VTNA needed to redesign essentially every touchpoint for the Volvo Trucks brand anchored by its digital experience (mobile, Web site, app).  



Code and Theory led the digital strategy, design and implementation. 

While the all-new Volvo VNL just launched, drivers and fleets won’t begin taking deliveries of the new trucks until later this year. This made creating a resonating experience all the more paramount, according to the agency. 

The new Volvotrucks.us provides fleets and owner-operators with a detailed look into the future of Volvo Trucks, with its newest VNL. This includes offering buyers a more personalized and easy-to-use interface that captures the essence of life on a long haul.  

The digital upgrades go beyond aesthetics, incorporating customer personalization, new data and analytics strategy and measurement, and a refreshed style guide to ensure cohesiveness across every brand touchpoint. 

Volvo Trucks has introduced the new, best-in-class VNL Configurator, which brings prospective buyers into a tech-first world. The VNL Configurator offers professional drivers, fleet owners, and decision makers what the agency calls “a seamless online customization experience.”  

High-definition and detailed 360-degree views of the interior and customizing elements ranging from color to exterior trim levels, cab side fairings and real wheel aerodynamics give a realistic view of what the new truck will look like. 

The VNL line was introduced in 1996 with a revolutionary aerodynamic shape to dramatically improve fuel efficiency.  

Will Bender, digital communications manager, Volvo Trucks: “This new digital experience leapfrogs us years ahead of our competition much like our vehicles. The bar was high and Code and Theory created a digital presence that soared even higher. We couldn’t be happier to be launching our digital presence today.” 

Code and Theory chief creative officer Stephen Clements adds, "Our designers delved deep into every aspect of the vehicles and brought them to life in a way those on the long haul can understand. These trucks are their livelihood, we wanted them to have the most accurate view of their new truck - especially when deliveries won’t begin until later this year.”  

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