Cold Foam Creamer Makes Coffee 'Delicious'

International Delight is promoting its new cold foam creamer with an ad campaign that entertains the senses.

The creative for “Foaming Delicious" shows how easy it is to turn an ordinary cup of java, hot or cold, into a tasty treat.

Harvest, Danone North America’s internal creative agency, crafted the spot, which is running on various streaming networks. The spot uses the product's sound effect to underscore how easy it is to kick up a daily beverage.

“Coffee culture is obsessed with cold foam and we are too, making it the center of our new game-changing innovation, International Delight Cold Foam Creamer,” said Kallie Goodwin, vice president of marketing, Coffee Creamers of Danone North America. “The 'Foaming Delicious' creative taps into multisensory marketing, utilizing the ‘ffff’ foaming sound to engage the senses. Not only can you hear it, but you can visualize its texture and taste through the screen.”



In December 2023, the brand identified this emerging trend in coffee spaces, claiming 50% of consumers create coffee shop-style drinks at home. There are more than 321 million views on #ColdFoam on social media with 40 million views on #ColdFoamAtHome on TikTok.

Danone North America's portfolio includes Dannon, Evian, Oikos and Horizon Organic.

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