Amazon And UK Publisher Reach A Deal On First-Party Data: Report

Amazon and Reach, said to be the UK’s largest publisher, are partnering on an effort to drive online advertising with customer data to compensate for the loss of third-party cookies.  

Reach will provide Amazon with contextual first-party data to help place ads near content preferred by audiences, working with Mantis to do so, according to Financial Times (FT). 

As the industry shifts towards “an environment where cookies are not available, first party contextual signals are critical in helping us develop actionable insights that enable our advertisers to reach relevant audiences without sacrificing reach, relevancy or ad performance,” says Frazer Locke, director of EU adtech sales for Amazon Ads, FT reports.  

Mantis works with several publishers, FT continues. 

Publishers see cookie loss as “one of the biggest changes to the advertising market in the digital age,” says Jon Steinberg, chief executive of Future, FT continues.  

Steinberg predicts that “advertisers, agencies, and quality publishers [will work] even more closely together to reach audiences that drive outcomes for brands,” FT adds. 




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