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Pringles Taps Chris Pratt To Grow His 'Stache For Super Bowl Ad

Pringles popped the lid on its Super Bowl ad, revealing the full spot starring actor Chris Pratt.

The ad, entitled “Mr.P,” opens on Pratt -- sporting a bushy mustache -- picking up some Pringles at a convenience store, when the sales clerk remarks that he looks like the Pringles guy. While he's initially unconvinced, online discourse in support of this idea escalates, and the actor’s agent soon convinces him to take on “the role of a lifetime”  as Mr. P.

The full ad reveal follows a round of hype-building by the brand, which built up a sense of mystery about who would appear in the ad with an initial teaser of the star’s mustache.



“Mr. P” continues the brand’s lighthearted, humorous approach to the Big Game, while marking a thematic departure from consecutive years of fans getting their hands stuck in cans of Pringles. It’s Pringles’ seventh-consecutive Super Bowl appearance, and first under the Kellanova umbrella given to Kellogg’s snacking division.

The campaign was based on the insight that fans see the “Mr.P” character everywhere, catching a resemblance in myriad mustachioed passers-by. The brand cited Brandwatch social listening data finding over 30,000 instances of fans posting such sightings to social media.

The 30-second broadcast ad will run during the first quarter of the Super Bowl. Developed in partnership with Grey New York, the spot is part of an integrated campaign that also includes PR, digital, retail marketing, influencer and social media elements. The latter includes a “Mr.P” Snap Lens allowing fans to transform themselves into the character by virtually donning the trademark bushy mustache, eyebrows, and red bowtie.

Pringles is also running a promotional giveaway, offering fans a chance to win up to $15,000 by sharing an image or video of their own imaginative Mr.P sightings on Instagram or TikTok using the hashtags #ISeeMrP and #PringlesContest.

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