Travel South Dakota Kicks Off First Super Bowl Ad

The state with more miles of shoreline than Florida is making its Super Bowl ad debut this year. And few will guess what it is.  

According to Travel South Dakota, South Dakota can boast that little-known fact, along with the state has the highest point in the United States east of the Rocky Mountains. 

Travel South Dakota is making its presence known.

Its mission is to educate viewers: the Great Plains state is more than Mount Rushmore. For adventure travelers, it boasts the Black Hills and Badlands, with glacial lakes and pristine forests to explore. There are also Native tribal communities, known as the Sioux, to visit, discovering their art and history.

To broaden awareness, Travel South Dakota collaborated with the band Nine Days to revamp its hit single “Absolutely (Story of a Girl)” into “Absolutely (Story of a State).”



The creative campaign — “So Much South Dakota, So Little Time” — is by the Karsh Hagan agency.

The 30-second commercial debuts during the big game via broadcast, cable and CTV in select markets. Additional markets will air a 60-second spot with more reasons to visit the state. There are teasers on Travel South Dakota’s social media channels and a dedicated webpage.

Priority markets include Denver, Minneapolis, Omaha, Des Moines and Kansas City, Missouri.

The spot will run in key markets until Feb. 18 and a digital-only flight through the end of the month.

Jim Hagen, secretary of the South Dakota Department of Tourism, said: “We intend to continue to find unprecedented ways to plant South Dakota’s flag in the ground to pique curiosities and get people talking about South Dakota like never before.” 

The campaign hopes travelers will embrace the totality of South Dakota's offerings. 

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