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Nerds Introduce Brand Character Gummy In Ferrara's Big Game Debut


Nerds is using the Super Bowl stage to introduce a new brand character.

In the Big Game debut for both the brand and parent company Ferrara, Nerds focuses on its Nerds Gummy Clusters product -- introducing a new character representing the crunchy and gummy candy, called Gummy.

The spot features an appearance by singer and viral TikTok star Addison Rae, who is seen enjoying a bag of Nerds Gummy Clusters at its conclusion. Gummy takes center stage for most of the ad, dancing along as the original, Irene Cara-sung version of  “Flashdance…What A Feeling” plays.

It’s not the only time the song will appear during the game. T-Mobile’s spot has Jason Mamoa, Zach Braff and Donald Faison shimmying and warbling the tune, with an actual cameo from the movie’s star, Jennifer Beals.



But back to Ferrara. According to the brand, the campaign marks the first major evolution of Nerds’ characters since the brand’s introduction in 1983, and its celeb star was a natural fit as a fan of both the candy and featured song.

In a statement, Rae called Nerds Gummy Clusters her “favorite candy” and “go-to-snack,” both while working and at home..

The Super Bowl campaign follows a run of growth for the brand, largely fueled by the success of Gummy Clusters, which Ferrara claims has seen an 85% year-over-year rise in sales.

The new spot marks something of an evolution of the brand’s previous marketing focus. Ferrara invested heavily on advertising the brand in 2023, zeroing in on online video and eschewing broadcast altogether.

While the ad, which is expected to run during the second quarter of the game, will see Nerds expanding into broadcast, the campaign’s choice of celebrity partner and tactics leading up to the Big Game are in line with the digital focus.

“Nerds' approach demonstrates how leveraging social influencers can help brands maximize their in-game ad spend by creating buzz and fostering engagement on social media before, during, and after the game,” Rachael Goulet, director, social media at social media analytics company Sprout Social said in a statement, adding that the teaser’s focus on Rae as a dance instructor “feels authentic and true to her brand, so it resonates with her audience.”

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