Pepsi Collab Transforms Shaq's Custom Kicks To Hold Brand's Mini Cans

Pepsi extends its nostalgic anniversary celebration of its 1990s partnership with NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal with another activation.

Following its recent “I Wish” ad for Pepsi Mini, Pepsi teamed up with Shaq and Reebok to give the Reebok Pump Shaq Attaqs in O’Neal’s size 22. The updates were designed to allow the shoes to hold 7.5 ounce Pepsi Mini cans — courtesy of the Shoe Surgeon, a Los Angeles custom footwear company.

In addition to the electric blue leather chamber on each shoe’s underside designed to hold a Pepsi Mini can, the sneakers also transform the Reebok “pump” into a Pepsi globe logo, as well as a custom color transformation in Pepsi black and blue -- including paint splatter detailing on the outsole, and electric blue laces. The color scheme also functions as an homage to O’Neal’s first NBA team, the Orlando Magic.



O’Neal sported the shoes during NBA All-Star Weekend, and the brand just wrapped a sweepstakes giving away 22 pairs of the custom sneaks. The promotional sweepstakes called on fans to send in a photo or video on social media describing their love for Pepsi Minis, using the hashtags “#PepsiMinis” and “#Sweepstakes.”

While the custom sneakers may raise functional questions about whether you can wear them and then safely open the Pepsi Mini can housed within the chamber underneath, it’s doubtful that only a select few people, aside from Shaq, could even wear the comically large shoes to begin with.

In a statement, Pepsi CMO Todd Kaplan called the custom sneaker “the latest in a long line” of innovations in partnership with Shaq, while adding that “as a sneakerhead,” he appreciates “ the craftsmanship that goes into making a new shoe built from the iconic Reebok PUMP series, and to have a Pepsi Mini always within a leg's reach.”

Kaplan added that the partnership celebrated the brand’s “past, present, and future partnership” with O’Neal, adding, “While a Pepsi Mini Can is small enough to fit in anyone's pocket, Shaq is one of the only people with a shoe big enough to comfortably fit one in his shoe.”

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