CarBravo Resells Pre-Owned Barbie Dream Cars

Prices for used Mattel Barbie Dream Cars have skyrocketed since last July thanks to the hit "Barbie" movie. 

To make these high-demand treasures once again attainable, General Motors’ CarBravo, with support from its agency partner MRM Detroit, created its own inventory of 120+ used Barbie Dream toy cars and is making them available on the brand’s own commerce platform.  

To bring this all to life, the CarBravo team executed a full photo shoot and positioned each of the used Barbie Dream toy cars, trucks and SUVs just like any other vehicle on its site to get them ready for their listings on

“The team really hustled to bring an idea to life that is simple, fun, bold, and clearly resides at the intersection of culture and business,” said Jeff Cruz, chief creative officer, MRM Detroit, in a statement.



While shopping for Dream toy cars, consumers will also be invited to check out CarBravo’s real, life-size dream cars.

Whether it’s a vintage Barbie Dream Car or a pre-owned SUV, CarBravo ultimately wants its consumers getting a fair price while feeling the “Usedphoria,” the brand’s creative platform and branding.

CarBravo was created by GM to help reinvigorate the entire used-car experience. Consumers can choose from a wide array of different makes and models (even GM’s competitors) with the peace of mind of a GM-backed certification.
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