Form Follows Function: A Tool For Building Email, SMS Lists

Ecommerce merchants need one thing if they want to grow their brands -- a way to bring new customers on board.  

Sendlane, the provider of an email/SMS marketing suite, has added a feature titled Forms that it says that will help companies expand their lists at no added cost.  

Founder and CIO of Sendlane Jimmy Kim says that after the additions of SMS and Reviews, the company realized it was time for "a significant upgrade to our outdated Pop-ups product to meet the marketplace’s ever-changing needs,” says Jimmy Kim, founder and CIO of Sendlane.

Other vendors may also offer forms, but Kim states that Sendlane’s goal is to “is to unify the tech stack for eCommerce merchants.” The company says its new tool provides a free user interface, with these features: 

  • Customizable layouts, built-in legal jargon, and drag-and-drop functionality for fast implementation. 
  • Content Customization, including branded styling options and updated fonts. 
  • Collection & layout options, including mobile and desktop layouts to collect consent via Email only, SMS only, or Email and SMS.
  • Information collection via inline, pop-up, and banner forms. 
  • Questionnaires made up of personalized, targeted automations. 
  • Targeting with controlled frequency, URL and location inclusion/exclusion, and display triggers. 
  • Performance Data including impressions, click-through rates, emails and SMS conversions, and lifetime value.





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