Ted Danson Stars In Sotyktu Campaign Extension

Photo: Bristol Myers Squibb

Hearing the name “Sotyktu” no doubt conjures up images of Bristol Myers Squibb’s year-old, high-visibility commercial for that plaque psoriasis drug.  You know, the one that interposes a woman preparing for a sales presentation with a father in a skimpy bathing suit preparing for a family vacation. And all comes out well, thanks to both parties “finding” clearer skin through Sotyktu.

Now actor Ted Danson has come on board for a digital extension of the campaign called “SO, Have You Found It?” The centerpiece is an 11-minute video, promoted as the first of a series, in which Danson interviews an actual plaque psoriasis patient -- and Sotyktu user -- about living with the condition. Danson also has plaque psoriasis, Bristol Myers Squibb (BMs) says, but is not a Sotyktu user.



The “SO, Have You Found It?” campaign “aims to shift perspectives towards empowerment and self-advocacy by sharing real-life experiences that highlight the journeys of those living with plaque psoriasis,” a BMS spokesperson tells Marketing Daily. This serves to “encourage those with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis to openly discuss their condition and treatment options with their dermatologist,” the spokesperson adds.

The spokesperson wouldn’t say how often new episodes of the video series will be released, only that “patients with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis” should “visit regularly for new content.”

Those patients are being driven to the site through ‘a mix of paid, earned and owned drivers, including brand and celebrity social media channels and editorial content,” the spokesperson said.

In addition to the website, the video and other content are “being shared through social, earned and sponsored media channels,” they said.

Partner agencies involved with “SO, Have You Found It?” include Real Chemistry, IPG Health’s Humancare, Eversana and MPath.

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