Sherwin-Williams Introduces 'The Loneliest Color'

Ever get tired of all those tedious “Color of the Year” pronouncements, trying to sell the world on conformist hues like “Peach Fuzz” or “Renew Blue”? Us too! That makes Sherwin-Williams' promotion of Kingdom Gold so intriguing – even before we heard about designer Dapper Dan's fashion collection he's creating to accompany the launch.

Sherwin-Williams has been crowning its own Color of the Year for 14 years, tinting millions of gallons of popular colors, many of them white, grey or neutral. That inspired the company to look into the least beloved color: in 14 years, it has tinted fewer than 11,000 gallons of Kingdom Gold, which stands out with green undertones and high saturation.

And if a “Color of the Year” is intended to inspire confidence by steering people to “safe” choices, “the Loneliest Color” campaign is designed to encourage people to surround themselves with bolder colors.



“The concept of celebrating 'The Loneliest Color’ is an artistic interpretation of what color is at its core,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing, in the company’s announcement. “The full-color spectrum would not be what it is without each shade–meshing and blending to bring meaning to every aspect of our lives. There are challenges posed in home design when selecting a shade with intensity. Still, with the right palette and design support, Kingdom Gold can provide a magical balance that’s both grounding and stimulating.”

The company urges people to use the color to be brave, with the shade inviting warmth, drama, elegance, and decadence. “It holds a radiant energy that connects the color to notions of abundance, nourishment, and the culmination of hard work,” the announcement says.

Dapper Dan, a Harlem couturier who has collaborated with companies ranging from Gap to Gucci, is best known for his rule-breaking approach to fashion. He used the highly saturated color as the inspiration for eight collectible items, including a velour jacket, leather jacket, bucket hat and soccer kit. Sherwin-Williams is auctioning those off on eBay, with proceeds benefitting Habitat for Humanity.

The Cleveland-based paint pioneer company is supporting the collection with a campaign shot by Nolis Anderson and produced by Verytaste.

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