Report: Consumers Are Taking Health And Wellness Matters Into Their Own Hands


The wellness market in the U.S. is worth $480 billion and is expected to grow 5% to 10% annually, according to a new report from Stagwell’s Assembly. 

According to the report consumers are taking health and wellness matters into their own hands more than ever before. 



Case in point: the report cites research finding that that 71% of Gen Z and Millennials sometimes turn to social media to self-diagnose conditions instead of seeking out a healthcare professional. 

It also cites research finding that 71% of Americans express interest in taking a microbiome test to get personalized diet recommendations. 

Health and wellness communities can elevate the media’s role, per the report. “Communities that are built on empathy, acceptance, and collective wellness needs make marketers and brands connectors and advocates, providing a pathway to a higher quality ROI.” 

Find the full report here

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