Streaming Program Discovery Becomes More Challenging - More Cancellations To Come?

Program discovery is becoming more challenging.

A new report from LG Ad Solutions says now it says viewers need double the time to find something to watch on streaming platforms -- 12 minutes -- versus six minutes the previous year.

Almost 40% also say there are “too many content” choices, while another 37% say they can't remember which platform specific programs and content is on.

The survey tracked 1,155 U.S. adult connected TV (CTV) owners, conducted via online panel and representative of U.S. census by age and gender.

All that can be frustrating, of course, to hungry, newer streaming platform consumers who love their new streaming app. 

The good news, it seems, is that while this is frustrating it does not mean consumers are canceling streaming -- wholesale.



As many surveys reveal, there is much cancellation happening on an individual streaming platform basis.

LG says the plethora of content and programs is fueling subscription app "cycling." Sixty-three percent of viewers are likely to sign up for a streaming subscription service to watch specific content and then cancel or pause their subscription after watching.

So cycling is good in this regard -- new streamers do not appear to be looking to reverse their cord-cutting habits anytime soon. Maybe it's just "cord-repairing" behavior.

As these consumers become even more veteran streaming users -- say, in five to ten years -- what will come next for streaming app businesses?

And what happens if those streaming homes add to their average five streaming and CTV services -- for example, signing up for another three or so? What then happens to program discovery? It becomes harder.

Third-party sites currently do some heavy lifting for program discovery -- including sites like And while the home page on major streaming platforms is the default location  consumers start their program discovery journey, it's silo-ed to just that particular streaming app.

Legacy TV executives including Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav and Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger have for some time believed that some sort of re-bundling or sorts needs to happen.

This isn't just about making those businesses more profitable, but rather to make it easier for consumers to navigate better in finding what shows are on what platforms.

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  1. Douglas Ferguson from College of Charleston, April 9, 2024 at 3:10 p.m.

    Nobody has to remember where the shows are. They just look it up on the web browser on their phone: "where is _______ streaming now?"

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