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Reese's Partners With Olympic Players To Release Reese's Medals


From left: Soccer stars Haven Shepherd, Jessica Long.

Nearly six decades after introducing its first seasonal shape, Reese’s finally has a shape for summer. The Hershey brand first introduced its egg shape for spring back in 1966, following up with trees for winter, and pumpkins for Halloween in the '90s.

Today, Reese’s is introducing Reese’s Medals, in which the chocolate-peanut butter combo is shaped in the form of Olympic medals, available nationally in snack, standard, and king size packages.

The launch comes as we approach the 100-day countdown to the Olympic & Paralympic Games Paris 2024, which begins July 26. The limited-time shape commemorates The Hershey Company’s ongoing partnership with Team USA, as part of a roster of releases alongside Hershey’s Kisses Milk Chocolates with patriotic foils, and Ice Breakers Limited Edition Golden Pineapple Gum and Mints.



To promote Reese's Medals, the company  s launching a “Legend vs. Newcomer” campaign, featuring athlete partners across each category. Representing the legends are U.S. Olympic soccer gold medalist Alex Morgan, and U.S. Paralympic swimming gold medalist Jessica Long. The newcomers are two U.S. Olympic  and U.S. Paralympic hopefuls in the same sports: Sophia Smith, and Haven Shepherd, respectively.

The “Legend vs. Newcomer” campaign will run across video and social media channels, as well as in-store displaying advertising leading up to the start of the Paris Games. Beginning later this month, the social media campaign will include a component across Reese’s Instagram account, and the accounts of each athlete partner. The initiative will challenge fans on their knowledge of the Olympic stars by answering which of the athletes is connected to unexpected facts or stories shared on the channel.

In a statement, Reese's senior brand manager said the campaign was designed to present a “spirt of friendly competition” which can “bring out the best versions of ourselves” in the ramp-up to the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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