Report: Brands Are Getting Better At Personalized Marketing


A new report from Publicis Groupe’s Epsilon on consumer perceptions of personalization in marketing and advertising finds that consumers’ feelings about a brand, more than need for a product, drive stronger engagement with marketing.   

The study found that 60% of respondents engage with a marketing message because they are “familiar with and like the brand,” while 56% interact because they want to know more about a new brand or product. By comparison, 37% of respondents indicated their engagement is driven by need.  



Additional insights from the report, based on a survey of 600 respondents:  

  • 65% of respondents say brands have become better at personalizing advertising and marketing the past few years but 91% see at least one irrelevant ad every single day. 

  • 76% of respondents say they view brands negatively when they include inaccurate information about them in their advertising and messaging.  

  • Only 45% of respondents feel they have some control over how brands engage with them.  

“These findings remind marketers of the importance of creating relationships with consumers that are not just transactional, given ‘brand’ is the context in which all purchase decisions are made,” said Jeff Smith, chief marketing officer at Epsilon. “The implication is that marketers need to stop thinking of ‘branding’ or ‘performance’ as separate and disconnected initiatives. Effective marketing and media not only capture sales in the moment, but also build relationships with your brand that drive more purchases over time.”  

Download the full report here.  

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